Sensorium - the Unfurling 2014


 Sensoria – the Unfurling is a subtle invitation, a gentle immersion, it will draw you in to bathe in the hues of colour, touch and play with the layers of soft rustling paper and move to the soundscape designed by American composer Jonathan Gaboury aka Gemselector.

 Enjoy the subtleties of water colours, bold prints and the commanding suspended sculpture.

 This is a rich world –experience it.

 Opening Night

July 7 2014


7:00pm Arrival of guests

7:30pm Welcome Address

8:00pm Reception

The Exhibition will continue from July 7 until July 11.

Friday 11 July 7-8 pm

"In-Conversation" artist and curator talk.

Sculpture Square Singapore,  1555 Middle road, Singapore 188977

+65 6333 1055