New Exhibition - "opens Friday 26th of September"

“Walking the pipeline to the waters end”

Large scale classic oil paintings and drawings exploring the last moments of Western Australian ledged C Y O’Connor riding his favourite horse Moonlight to the waters end.

Following in the footsteps of the great Australian painters such a Nolan who explored the Ned Kelly ledged Darvall embarks her biggest challenge yet drawing upon the great Western Australian Story as her subject creating large scale traditional oil paintings, visiting historical sights, researching and consulting local Fremantle historians to create her most ambitious exhibition to date.

Moore’s Contemporary Art Gallery September

26 – 12 October 2014.

The moon hangs low,

 the sun begins to peek over the horizon splashing pink on the brooding clouds gathered over Garden Island.

Air thick with wispers hot

Moonlight picks his familiar path down to South Fremantle beach.

The powerful steed streaches out and opens to a gallop

Monuments of a life’s work fade behind the rider

time stands still as horse and master meet the waters end.

 Jo Darvall 2014

CY O'Connor riding his favorite horse Moonlight