Bunbury Biennale 2019 "Goomba Boya"

Its a pleasure to be involved in the Biennale creating the work and visiting the site of the great rock Goomba Boya. If you travel down Sugar Loaf road in Yallingup Western Australia at the end of the road there is a huge rock. Its enchanting at times it looks like a wise owl Wardandi Cultural Custodian Isaac Web mentioned there is no cultural name for Sugar Loaf Rock but suggests we call it Goomba Boya. Sadly many stories have been lost due to colonisation. Accompanying this work is the stunning melancholy music "Salt"  inspired by Goomba Boya the Composer is  Rebecca Erin Smith ..Musicians: Madeleine Antoine (violin) and Setsu Masuda (piano). the artwork is on exhibition until 21st of July 2019 at Bunbury Regional Gallery in WA. For sales inquiries contact Caro Lunel Curator City of Bunbury Art Collection and Studio Gallery Yallingup.

see link Artist Talk photos below by Yevonne Doherty

Image of me in studio Sugar Loaf Rocks.jpg
Studio work in progress of Goomba Boya

Studio work in progress of Goomba Boya