Still: National Still Life Award 2019 Finalist

Im proud to let you know that my work Still life - Lost works 2018 137 x 128 cm oil on canvas has been selected top be included in the final works to be exhibited in this years Still: National Still Life Award.

Still life - Lost works… is a part of a large series and exhibition I created to retell the story of pre-war artist: Australia’s Kathleen O’Connor returning from Paris after the war to her home town was faced with paying excessive customs duty on two large boxes of her life’s work she was not in a position to pay the tax and  stormed off with her paintings throwing them into the harbour waters… (Kathleen O’Connor lived and worked Paris in from the early 1900s refer to the novel by Amanda Curtin Kathleen O’Connor of Paris

Still life - Losts works -Jo Darvall 2018-137 x 128 cm oil on vanvas.JPG

Announcement of Finalists

Still: National Still Life Award 2019

The shortlist has been revealed for Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery’s STILL: NATIONAL STILL LIFE AWARD 2019 with 56 artists selected from a record number of entries from all over Australia (750).

Selected artworks include sculpture, printmaking, installation, painting, ceramics, photography and video – highlighting the diversity and vitality of still life in Australian contemporary art practice.

The winner will receive $30,000 prize money and the winning artwork joins the Gallery’s collection.

The judge for the 2019 award is the highly-respected Director of the Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) Rebecca Coates.  SAM is a regional gallery recognised for its significant collection of Australian ceramics and a growing collection of outstanding contemporary Australian art.

“Among the entries, ideas about memory, consumption and over-consumption, extinction, environmental degradation, masculinity and meaning in the mundane are refracted through the traditional still life themes of vanitas and memento mori. Some finalists experiment with realism, illusion and composition, playing with still life conventions, while others gently poke fun at the sometimes earnest genre,” Ms Fogarty added.

The Still exhibition opens on Friday 20th September 2019, with the official opening on Saturday 21st September, and runs until Saturday 30th November 2019.

Still is the signature program of Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery – an Australia-wide award for artworks in the genre of still life, in all mediums, held every two years.