An event that has shaped WA to this very day

Walking the pipeline to the Waters End - Exhibition opens September 26th Fremantle WA

Explain the theme behind it.

I want to create dialogue … with this exhibition, to ignite an activity of sharing of stories of an event that has shaped WA to this very day….the sharing of myth or fact about this wonderful West Australian legend. It’s also an incredible story of resilience for Susan, CY’s wife and her children who carried on living in WA despite the rumours, fears, lies and celebrations of their fathers stunning achievements. CY O’Connor is recognized world wide for his achievements as Engineer-in -Chief of the Fremantle Harbor and the creator of the pipeline to Kalgoorlie it is an inspiring story to paint. But the celebration is tempered by the terrible tragedy of his death at a young age and with so much more to give.

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