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Sounds with the "Gem Selector"

Sound is an important part of the experience of this exhibition.

Can you imagine the sound of gemstones and millstreams?;

Tom Muller sent me a link to the work of electronic musician  …Jonathan Gaboury from Cleveland Ohio. Aka “The Gem Selector” his stage name…  an unbelievable coincidence.

A perfect fit,  Jonathan's sounds seem to me to express the idea in a way that draws the viewer deeper into the mine shaft awakening to the shifting colour's and hidden elements.

He will be at the exhibition creating unique sounds live on the opening night… his creations will then form apart of the exhibition over the next two weeks.

Stepney Holt Melbourne writer writes about my new art works and collabotation with Jonathan  “Darvall waxes lyrical (pardon the pun – and the cliché) about those “honey-like surfaces”, immediately comparing them to the texture of the rocks and papers she knows so well. S urfaces matter. “

This process creates abstracted blocks and layers and spatterings of rich colour. There are earthy golds, flinty blues, ferrous reds. They might be a gemstone, or the dripping, gleaming walls of a mineshaft, or the peaceful tranquility of a tropical forest.

Risk and danger, hope and creativity, dreaming and hard work: all are intertwined here.

Don’t get too comfortable. Music, prepared specially for the show, fills the space with the seductive sounds of flute and harp, but is quietly undercut by percussive interjections. Large wall-filling images draw us close, but we lose a sense of the whole, become disoriented, as we move in to examine the detail. Elsewhere, smaller backlit works, scattered in tight gemlike clusters across otherwise featureless expanses push us backward, to try and take their measure. Like the Pilbara itself – with its expansive horizons and startling light – we recognise a certain kind of beauty, but it’s hard to know where to look, what to focus on.” 


Jonathan Gaboary in the studio with oil painting 

Jonathan Gaboary in the studio with oil painting