Western Australia

Launch:Donnelly River Arts Residency 22 October

In 1909 two Wheatley brothers purchased a mill on the Donnelly River Western Australia operating until 1912 when the Bunnings bros took over during the post world war 2 building boom. The brothers created a community timber milling village... 35 workers cottages were built, Mill Club  (the first to allow women), boarding house, general store, butchers shop, school, sports oval and swimming dam. The Village now owned by a private a group have restored the area in its natural character will be launching the first Arts Residency Exhibition at EARLYWORK art gallery in Fremantle Western Australia 6-8 pm 22 October 2016 .

Residency Invited Artists 2016

Jacinda Bayne, Jon Challen, Jo Darvall, Jane Martin, George Haynes, Ken Wadrop

Exhibition:  22 October to 6 November 2016

Art Book Collected by the Victorian State Library

"The Rose  the Butterfly the Bee and the Moth" self -published book has been collected by the Victorian State Library Rare Books ! Designed by Fremantle designer Kim Vu Salamosen , photography Eva Fernandez and printed here locally on recycled paper. It was really important that we could ride our bikes to where ever we needed to source materials in order to have the book made here in Fremantle WA. We wanted to leave the smallest foot print in the making and production of it we also wanted to work with people we liked and had a laugh with... enjoying the whole process. Jane Harrison the author is an award winning indigenous writer her fable that drops its delicate petal has has given all of us working on the project the conviction of beauty and simplicity to pursue this unique project. Mimi Duo Setsu Masuda and Duncan Gardner have extended the visual experience into a musical score. 

To buy a book and or CDs they are available at my exhibition Reckless Romantics at Sagra Art Gallery in Malvern - Melbourne and here in WA at the Fremantle Art Centres Gallery book shop and also in New Editions Book Shop WA. There is a limited edition of 260.